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Are you a fan of meaningful zombie fiction? Do you believe horror can teach us important things about ourselves?

Then this ultimate ZOMBIE FAN PACK GIVEAWAY is for you!

In just a few weeks’ time, Shane W Smith is launching his most anticipated graphic novel yet, Undad Volume Three. We’ve received a generous arts grant to produce the book, and we’ll be launching it on Kickstarter in May, with a wider release planned by the end of 2019.

Writers Katie Walsh-Smith, Tim Stiles, Ryan K Lindsay, Miranda Richardson, and artists Mitchell Collins, Simon Robins, Anthony Salinas, Matias Lazaro, Karissa Moloney, and Anna Foubert comprise the Undad Volume Three creative dream team, and we can’t wait to get this fantastic book into your hands!

By entering this giveaway, you will not only be in the running to win this epic prize pack of zombie goodies, but you’ll also hear a little more about Shane W Smith’s Undad series. In fact, every single entrant to this giveaway – win, lose or draw – will receive Undad Volume One for free. That’s a 220 page graphic novel… just for showing up.

Undad cover

Undad is more than just another zombie story. It’s the story of one man who struggles to keep his own darker nature at bay and his family together, while being (literally) dead inside.

Undad aspires to use the zombie genre to tell a meaningful story about people and the way we relate to each other, and we thought we would celebrate by putting together an epic bundle of other zombie fiction that reanimated this genre.

Here’s what’s included in this ultimate zombie fan pack giveaway:

  • The Walking Dead Compendium (Vol 1 paperback)
  • Shaun of the Dead (DVD)
  • Warm Bodies (paperback)
  • The Walking Dead Collection Telltale Series (PS4 or Xbox One)
  • The Walking Dead – The Final season Telltale Series (PS4 or Xbox One)
  • iZombie Vol 1 graphic novel
  • Undad
  • Undad Volume Two

The total value of this prize pool is over $250!*

It’s totally free to enter**.

Good luck!

*Note that covers and editions may vary from pictured, depending upon product availability. Entrants might be offered digital or alternative rewards at the organiser’s sole discretion, if item availability changes or shipping costs are deemed excessive to your country.

**EU residents are not eligible to enter this competition due to the GDPR.

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