Shane W Smith digital bundle



Everything you can get from this site, all in one handy (and discounted) bundle. PLUS a whole slew of bonus digital goodies that can’t be obtained any other way.

Here’s what you get:

The Lesser Evil (350 pages)
Peaceful Tomorrows Vol 1 (320 pages)
Peaceful Tomorrows Vol 2 (270 pages)
The Game (390 pages)
All The King’s Men (710 pages)
James Flamestar and the Stargazers (80 pages)
Undad Vol 1 (216 pages)
Undad Vol 2 (230 pages)
Academaesthetics (55 pages)
Undad journal (unpublished)
Triumviratus #1: Chosen (unpublished draft)
Shane W Smith artbook 2015 (unpublished)

That’s over 3,000 pages worth of content and includes three books shortlisted in national awards (Peaceful Tomorrows Vol 2; The Game; Undad).

All books purchased as part of this bundle will be accessible in both PDF and EPUB formats, except for Academaesthetics, Triumviratus, the artbook, and the Undad journal, which are PDF only. Higher-resolution PDFs available on request (at no additional cost).


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