James Flamestar and the Stargazers



“I figured we play the music, we change the world. Just like old times…”

Imagine, if you will, a world in which music is outlawed, and musicians are hunted and executed. A world in which the innocents living in the Five Capitals are held hostage by the tyranny of the Silver Empire. The Empire is too powerful – no one dares stand against them, and there’s no passion left anywhere to inspire better things… Until now.

With an all-star cast, including one of the biggest bands in the history of the Empire, James Flamestar and the Stargazers is a miniseries you won’t want to miss.

Publisher: Deeper Meanings Publishing
Year: 2014
Page count: 80

Both PDF and EPUB formats of this book will be made available upon purchase. Higher-resolution PDFs available on request (at no additional cost).


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