Peaceful Tomorrows Volume Two




The end of everything…

James Mawson has spent the last three months enmeshed in increasingly dirty schemes, his own days of glory long behind him. The execution of prisoners, including Ross Tillman, is the next item on the agenda. But when one of the doomed prisoners is the woman he loves, Mawson has no choice but to take a stand on principle, even though it could cost him everything.

Ross and Edana desperately evade Padakan search parties, trying to survive even just one more day. They carry with them a secret that could bring the Padakan empire crumbling down… if they could just manage to get off-world with it.

Meanwhile, things have come to a head on Earth. Tensions between Padakan House and the Confederacy are escalating quickly, and it seems only a matter of time before a shot is fired in anger. Frank Tomhines devises a plan to set things right. But his plan demands blood. A lot of blood.

The cataclysmic conclusion to Peaceful Tomorrows.

Peaceful Tomorrows
is a graphic novel that explores the consequences of compromising one’s core values, and the painful path to redemption. Volume Two was a finalist in the 2013 Aurealis Awards category for best graphic novel.

BONUS: Includes Thinking Bigger, a short story created especially for this edition that takes a closer look at Frank Tomhines’ life, and explores issues of faith and martyrdom.

Publisher: Zetabella Publishing
Year: 2013
Page count: 275

Both PDF and EPUB formats of this book will be made available upon purchase. Higher-resolution PDFs available on request (at no additional cost).


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