Unrequited love feels like the end of the world. This time, it really is.
Three times he will prove his love for her. The third time will kill him.

In a world where violent magic is punished by the gods, mages have learned to use their powers for deception and manipulation instead. Rynold has learned these lessons better than most. Instead of openly competing for the heart of Princess Mirelda, he instead misuses an ancient artefact to engineer a scheme that sends her lover, Damian, on a fraudulent pilgrimage to a faraway land.

His plan backfires badly, however, when the artefact flares into life after centuries of dormancy, and demands that Mirelda herself go after Damian and “bring him back.”

The world itself depends upon her success.

Triumviratus is a 23-issue comic series that paints a deeply personal love triangle against an epic fantasy backdrop, and will appeal to readers of fantasy who appreciate strong character drama that drives a high-stakes story.

Triumviratus is currently being released in monthly installments on Patreon. You can read the first chapter of Triumviratus here for free.