CHARLOTTE AHLIN is a writer, actor, and cartoonist from New York City. She recently graduated from Oberlin College with a degree in creative writing. While in college, she was a founding member of The New Euripides, an experimental theatre group which performed in the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Currently, she writes for the books section of Charlotte is also a founder and Associate Artistic Director of Fat Knight Theatre, a nonprofit theatre company based in New York. When not acting or pretending to write, Charlotte enjoys drawing sad cartoons, and she is thrilled to be joining the writing team for All the King’s Men.

SHAUN AVERY is a crime and horror fiction fan who has been published in many magazines and anthologies, most frequently as a contributing author to the popular Demonic Visions series of anthologies. He was won competitions with both prose and comic-scripting work, and recently co-created a self-published horror comic, more details of which are available here: His entry to All the King’s Men will be his longest published comic script to date, and he is delighted to be involved with such an exciting project.

ANDREW BLOOM is a writer and critic whose pieces have appeared in publications like Consequence of Sound, Seroword, and Under Scoop Fire. He is the editor-in-chief of, and his articles have been picked up by websites as diverse as The A.V. Club and Buzzfeed. Bloom lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, who magnanimously indulges, encourages, and even participates in his assorted nerdy pursuits and obsessions.

DANIEL BREWSTER is a writer. He sees writing as a searchlight for the deeper things in life, of new joys waiting to be found. As a child he always asked “Why?” and always managed to daydream himself out of boring situations. After some quiet years of university education and full-time work, he’s reconnected himself to that old curiosity with a vengeance, like a pen discovering it’s meant for the page. Daniel is thrilled to be a part of All the King’s Men, and welcomes writing opportunities via Twitter @DanielRBrewster.
Story Title: WAR TORN

JAMES CAVANAGH is a self published writer from Cornwall. He has been writing for several years and published his first comic book, Native Lands, in 2015. James is hoping to continue to build on his portfolio and has many more comics and novels in the works. Native Lands is available on Comixology and Gumroad; links to both can be found on the comic book’s Tumblr (

JOEL DENNERLEY is a recent graduate of the Australian National University, where he undertook a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws (Hons). For his thesis, Joel decided to address issues related to the law of outer space, in particular liability for damage caused by space objects in Earth orbit. In his spare time, Joel is an avid reader of science fiction, and hopes one day to publish a full length sci-fi novel.

DONATHIN FRYE is a professional stage actor and author living in Columbus, Ohio. He is a Resident Playwright for Shadowbox Live, the largest resident theatre company in America, where he recently won a BroadwayWorld Best Playwright award for his modern adaptation of the classic comedic opera The Merry Widow. He is the author of the gritty space opera webcomic, Atonement (, as well as the gothic fantasy/horror graphic novel I, Necromancer, currently in production for print publication. Donathin loves working with artists from different cultures all around the world, from Poland to Sweden, South Africa, and now Australia. He is extremely excited to be collaborating with Shane and all of the wonderful authors on All The King’s Men.
Story Title: SURVIVOR

MOLL GREEN lives in Vancouver and Los Angeles. She writes comics, screenplays, poetry, and lots of other stuff, and her work has most recently appeared in The 27 Club, Skyd Magazine, PopOptiq, Graphic Policy, and The Rainbow Hub. Tweet her sweet nothings @MadMollGreen.

MARTTI KAUPPINEN is a writer from Turku, Finland. As a lover of all things fiction ranging from movies, books, comics to video games, he wishes to make the transition from consumer to creator. This includes but is not limited to getting his full length novel published one day.
Story Title: ATTRITION

ALYSSA KITSON makes her fiction publishing debut in All The King’s Men. Her love of science fiction goes hand-in-hand with her passion for science, as she is currently working on her PhD in chemistry. Alyssa has lived in various places on the East Coast of the US and in Norway. Her interests include painting, appreciating Renaissance architecture, cross-country skiing, and safely-controlled thermite reactions. At least one of these things should not be attempted at home.

MATTHEW KOCANDA is a freelance illustrator and watercolour painter located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Although painting and design is Matthew’s first passion, he has been building a collection of short fiction for over 5 years that includes, but is not limited to, abstract poetry, short stories, and journal entries that act as a documented stream of consciousness. His work, both in literature and art, is heavily influenced by science fiction, horror, and nature. This story will be Matthew’s first official publication, but there is hope for more in the near future. His artwork can be viewed at
Story Title: AMethYst

AARON LAX is a short story blogger and aspiring writer from Portsmouth, UK. Aaron is an English Language and Literature graduate who believes that reading and writing are some of life’s greatest luxuries. Thrilled to be making his professional debut in All The King’s Men, he hopes to spend his days spilling ideas onto a page, and making people’s lives better for it.

KATRINA MAE LEUZINGER lives in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina in a tiny beach box she shares with her husband, dog, cat, and fearsome toddler. When she’s not contributing to graphic novels, she writes dystopian fiction, cooks elaborate meals, cheats at video games, and plays the guitar (rather badly). She will write for food. You can find more of her scribblings at
Story Title: WILDFIRE

TANNER MORTON is a writer, journalist, and editor from Peterborough, Canada. A recent graduate from the University of Guelph, he is currently working as an editor at Guelph’s independent newspaper The Ontarion. Tanner’s story “Glass Paw” for All the Kings Men serves as his debut into the world of fiction, as he continues to juggle his burgeoning journalism career and his foray into writing comics and short fiction.
Story Title: GLASS PAW

WILL MORTON was born in the U.S.A in West Virginia, and now lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife Yvonne. He recently received Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest. His stories have appeared in Third Flatiron as well as small press anthologies. An electrical engineer formerly with the Space Shuttle Program, Will teaches electronics at a local community college when he is not writing. Visit him at his website

BRIANNA J MUIR is a young writer from Canberra, currently studying at the Australian National University. She started writing at the age of sixteen, around the same time she found her passion for Ancient History and Science. When Brianna’s not studying or writing, she enjoys painting, cross-stitching, and running.

DANNY NOLAN is a freelance writer. His published material – reviews, articles, comics and fiction – has appeared in Picture, Phatsville, Decay Magazine, Wombat Comicz, Retro Sci Fi and his blog dvn61. He also created and wrote the narrative for the Game of Kings project. He lives in Melbourne.

KRISTIAN OLESEN is a writer from Adelaide. He is currently working on his first novel, a police procedural set in the slums of a near-future Australia.

EMMET O’CUANA is a freelance critic and writer. His published material – reviews, features, comics and fiction – has featured in Hopscotch Friday, FilmInk, Sequart, Film International, Outre Press, Decay Magazine and Aurealis. He also contributed an essay to Darragh Greene and Kate Hoddy’s Grant Morrison and the Superhero Renaissance. He was the host of the Australian comics podcast Beardy and the Geek.

ALEX REID is a writer, screenwriter and critic from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He’s loved stories for as long as he’s been around and takes the greatest pleasure in creating characters, exploring ideas and trying to make the world a more tolerant and progressive place to live. He has several screenplays and novel manuscripts cooking in the oven and hopes to share them with the world as soon as the world will have them.
Story: the MAROONED umbrella story for All The King’s Men.

MIRANDA RICHARDSON is a South Australian writer/artist currently working on Hail (, a superhero comic about a woman who crumbles into shards of glass when she experiences anxiety. Miranda recently completed Honours in Creative Writing with studies based on Japanese comics and metaphors of illness in fantasy. She works part-time in medical admin and enjoys Irish dancing, pole dancing, and drinking oolong tea.

ASHLEY SMITH is an aspiring novelist from New England. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in creative writing from the University of Maine at Farmington, which she likes to pretend makes her sound some kind of official. Aside from writing, her interests include, in no particular order, cats, sweets, Gothic horror, and Korean web comics. She is proud to make her professional debut in All the King’s Men.

TAN YUN NING writes commercially for the tech industry, hoping that given how much time she spends making artificial intelligence sound friendly, computers will spare her when their time comes. She spends the rest of her time obsessing about the nature of perception and the role of memory, baking bread and falling out of handstands.
Story Title: REWIND

MK WOLFE is a playwright and lyricist whose numerous plays and musicals have been professionally staged in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pasadena, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maine. Most recently her musical The Sock Who Lost His Mate (book, lyrics) kicked off the 4th Annual Children’s Theater Festival in New York. Currently living in Portland Maine, she is the producing director of Snowlion Repertory Company, a professional theater devoted to creating, developing and producing new works for the stage. Other writing work has appeared in webzines, industry publications and national magazines. As a former keeper and animal handler in Los Angeles, she also creates and performs fun zoology lectures and counts her multimedia Avian Olympics among her favorite works.
Story Title: RATIONS

About the editor

SHANE W SMITH is an Australian graphic novelist who has been writing since he could hold a pen. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, and a number of published graphic novels, including the Aurealis Award finalists Peaceful Tomorrows and The Game, and the Shadows Award finalist Undad. His oddest achievement is getting a comic published in a refereed academic journal in 2007. Follow Shane’s writing misadventures at

In addition to editing the All The King’s Men anthology, Shane will also be writing a story entitled Dawn’s Long Shadow and producing the artwork for every comic in the book.