April 2012 update

It has been a long time since I lasted posted anything of substance in this blog (though don’t worry, The Tube will return one day, I promise!), so I thought I would write a little update on my life, focusing on the events of the last month or so. April 2012 has indeed been unbelievably busy and productive. Here’s what’s been happening.

The release date for The Lesser Evil Book Three is imminent. I apologise to my few loyal readers for what seems like an inordinate wait (but in reality has only been a couple of months since the last release), and I’ll add this: if you think it’s hard waiting for a release date as a consumer, you should try it as an author! You bounce off the walls so much, you think you might have had a more successful career as a pinball. Still, the wait is almost over, and soon the trilogy will be complete!

To blow off some anxiety while waiting, I cobbled together this book trailer for The Lesser Evil. I enjoyed the process enough that I intend to take another, more professional, go at it once things settle down a little bit. In the meantime:

April kicked off with the second day of Adelaide Oz Comic-Con. I’ve already posted in great detail about my experiences in Adelaide here; suffice to say in this post that it was an incredible and profoundly inspirational event. I came home with no books left, a fistful of business cards, and a renewed creative fire.

I had originally intended to ‘spend’ that fire on a half-envisaged project called Kiss of the Dragon, a full-length expansion to Parlour Tricks, a piece I got published in the Beginnings Anthology, using the annual April event Script Frenzy as an additional motivator. Sadly for this project, pen never touched paper in April; rarely a day goes by that I don’t think about it, but perhaps it’s not quite ready to be written yet. I can be patient – got plenty else going on!

Speaking of, I have signed The Lesser Evil up for its first book tour! This tour starts tomorrow and lasts for about two weeks, and has involved quite a bit of preparation on my part. Mostly I will be providing guest posts for other blogs, interspersed with author interviews and book features. It has been a lot of fun preparing all these posts, and it has reminded me how much fun it can be to write about the writing process.

But where most of my creative energy has been directed this month is at the sequel to The Lesser Evil, currently entitled Death’s Feast. Since the 7th of April, I have completed over 80 pages of artwork for this project, a feat that I am tremendously proud of, especially given my full-time work schedule, and parental/spousal responsibilities at home, none of which have suffered for this productivity. At this stage, I have completed 301 pages of a scripted 565 pages, so I’m confident it will be ready to go pretty soon.

I’m quite proud of the evolution of my art style since the early pages of The Lesser Evil. I think each volume that gets released is easier to read than its predecessor, and is more attractive as well. Check out this sample page of art from Death’s Feast:

Closer to home, our baby boy continues to grow inside of Katie. With only about eight weeks left until the due date, we are getting increasingly excited (read: one of us is nesting, and the other is freaking out over credit card bills – no prizes for guessing which is which). Annie, too, is incredibly excited and loves to talk to him through Katie’s belly button. She cuddles and kisses him routinely, and loves to practice cuddles with her baby dolls. She is so ready to be a big sister… hope the crying doesn’t put her off!

I have no idea how the impending birth will impact my creative output. I have booked nearly three months off from work starting when the baby arrives. Last time, I was anticipating more baby-related work than actually happened – I didn’t anticipate just how much they sleep! It’s impossible to say whether there will be significant downtime this time around though, with a two-year-old tearing around at top speed and even topper volume.

So I might as well get as much done as I can in the meantime!