April 2017 update


Since the last update: I’ve released a 700 page anthology, in collaboration with two dozen writers from around the world; Undad got another nomination in some local publishing awards; and I’ve attended a decent handful of comic/literary events, and sold books to a range of awesome people.


All The King’s Men

This book was a staggering amount of work. I look back on it, and I have no idea how it all came together so quickly. We announced the final list of writers on May 1, and the book came out in early December. In that time (roughly seven months), I edited two dozen stories, wrote one of my own, managed payments and deadlines, formatted the manuscript, produced some four hundred pages of artwork, and ran a Kickstarter launch campaign.

Working on this book was a tremendous experience. I learned a tonne about editing and writing from my two dozen collaborators, and I’m super proud of how the book turned out.


The Lesser Evil/Peaceful Tomorrows

The Lesser Evil and Peaceful Tomorrows are (or soon will be) out of print, as my Canadian publisher Zetabella undergoes a significant rebranding.

I had a choice: re-release them myself, or let them go gently into that good night. If not for All The King’s Men, which builds upon the universe introduced in TLE/PT, I probably would have opted for the latter option.

Instead, I decided to take the opportunity to remaster these books, to fix some of the minor art/narrative issues that niggle me about these books, and put them out under the Deeper Meanings umbrella. While it does mean that all my books are now self-published, and in some distressing ways, this represents a substantial setback in my own perceptions of my career, it’s good to have them all available together, and reassuring to have all the rights back in my pocket. It might also be possible for these books to have another go around come the awards season (I’d need to check the rules about this).

Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.

Watch out for these new versions later this year (Sept/Oct probably)


The Game

No news about The Game this time around.


James Flamestar

Nothing to announce about this book, but in related news, it’s a big thrill to see Tim Irving (aka James Flamestar) making music again. I’m a proud backer of his on Patreon, and am looking forward to more of his awesome tunes.



After the last update went out, Undad got a nod in the ACT Writing and Publishing Awards. While this is a regional award, without the same scope as the Aurealis Awards or Shadows Awards, I’m still very proud of this one, because Undad was considered and commended not in a separate category for comics, but instead in a more expansive ‘fiction’ category.

Even though I always intended to end the series with Volume Two, a concept has been floating around my mind for the last few weeks that I’m unable to ignore. Imagine, if you will, an anthology of stories written by other people, set in the Undad universe. Funding will be difficult to land, as will forgiveness from the people to whom I promised the series was done, so this project is on the backburner for a while. Still thinking about it, though.



Back on the active projects list, Triumviratus has been revived. I’m keeping a running monthly tally of my progress on my monthly mailing list. It feels good to be pushing this project slowly towards the finish line. Until I get distracted by the next major project, I’ll be plugging away at this. The book is completely written, and the artwork is around 53% complete (around 270 of 515 pages).


Script Writing

For Christmas last year, Katie bought me access to the Aaron Sorkin Masterclass. While the class itself was highly engaging and interesting, there wasn’t much in terms of new information (though there was some) for someone who’s gone through a Creative Writing Degree. The primary benefit of this course was – as I’d hoped for – motivation to write some TV scripts, and this goal was achieved.

I’m currently muscling my way through a couple of spec scripts, and am tossing around a few more ideas that might be best suited to a screenplay/teleplay. It’s good to feel like I’ve got this option in my arsenal again anyway, even if career prospects are devastatingly thin on the ground for people who don’t actually live in California.


Projects going nowhere fast

Messar Dreams/Line in the Sand: No progress on this project. I used the prototypes as part of an application to a vacant Senior Writer position at Telltale Games, but sadly didn’t land the job.  It’s hard to know whether this was because of my writing, or because I am a family man and therefore unlikely to be able to contribute to crunch schedules in the way they might need from time-to-time.


Well, it’s been another big year. Here’s to a huge 2017.

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