One Last Fehmarn

One Last Fehmarn is a 150-section gamebook, published by Holmgard Press in 2024. It was written by me, and I also produced the artwork for it.

You are Dawn Strider, an elderly Kai Virin stationed in northern Sommerlund. You have built a comfortable life for yourself, far away from the failures of the past. You were comfortable with the thought that you had left the Kai life long behind, until you stumble across some information about an impending attack upon the Kai Monastery.

It is MS 5049, two days before Fehmarn, and the peace that Sommerlund has enjoyed for centuries is about to explode.

The way south to the monastery is extremely dangerous. Not only are the skies full of Kraan and the forests choked with Giaks, but you are also being hunted by a mysterious shadowy figure who is tracking your every move, waiting for you to let down your guard for even a second. No matter the odds and no matter the losses you suffer, you have no choice but to fulfil this desperate quest: to reach the monastery before the hordes of invading Darkspawn, to warn your kin about what’s coming.

To spend one last Fehmarn with your people.

One Last Fehmarn is being published as part of the Lone Wolf 40th anniversary omnibus. It’s a huge honour and a massive thrill to have been invited to contribute to this amazing book.

The omnibus is limited to 400 copies worldwide, and the book sold out in less than four days.