***NOW CLOSED*** Surface Tension Writers’ Room

The Surface Tension writers’ room will take place on Thursday March 11, 2021 and Friday March 12, 2021. The team of writers selected to punch up the pilot script and help turn this ‘good’ project into something ‘great’ are:

  • yours truly, SHANE WALSH-SMITH
Headshots of the Surface Tension writers' room: Shane Walsh-Smith; Erin Foy; Melissa McGlensey; Diane Vu; Joshua Koske; Jess C Wheatley

The original ad follows, purely for the sake of posterity.

***Note: this is now closed to new applications***

I’ve been fortunate enough to attract some funding to ‘punch up’ the current draft of my TV sitcom pilot Surface Tension, and am putting together a two day writers’ room, to be conducted via Zoom.

The script placed in twenty-one contests in 2020, winning five.

I’m seeking the services of brilliant comedy writers to help brainstorm ways to elevate this script from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

Logline: When the world ends in a nuclear explosion, a family of pampered and petty one-percenters bicker and blunder their way through the apocalypse, confined in their luxury underground bunker.

Tonal comps: The character dynamics from Succession meets the confined survival comedy of Red Dwarf.

Key dates: The room will be run on Thursday March 11 and Friday March 12, 2021. Applications from writers needed by 31 January, 2021. Final decisions will be made around mid-February.

At present, I’ve got enough left in the budget to pay for two days (either one writer for both days, or two writers for a day each), though if additional funding becomes available (pending), more slots will open up.