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Shane W Smith is an Australian graphic novelist who uses genre to explore and uncover some of the deeper meanings of human experience. His books have been shortlisted for awards a total of five times, including the fan-favourite Undad. His latest work, an epic fantasy graphic novel about jealousy and self-esteem and a world brought to its knees by the misadventures of three young people in love, will be released as a limited edition hardcover in late 2018. Shane has a Bachelor degree in Creative Writing, and might be the only person in the world to get a comic published in a refereed academic journal. He lives in Australia with his wife and four young children.

Grab the post-apocalyptic-musical-adventure-romance escapades of the bohemian Stargazer band for free here:


Long books

Academaesthetics (2007)
The Lesser Evil (2011/12, 2017 remaster)
Peaceful Tomorrows (2013, 2017 remaster)
The Game (2014)
James Flamestar and the Stargazers (2014)
Undad (2015)
Undad – Volume Two (2015)
All The King’s Men (2016)

Short pieces

Custard (2006 FIRST – Vertebrae)
Parlour Tricks (2012)
Pestilence (2012) (with Gavin Thomson)
I Am Become Death (2013)
Killeroo: Gangwar (with Darren Close and Dan Gibbs) (2012-2017)
Exposure (2014)
A Moment In Time – Tango With Orangos (2015)

Coming soon



PEACEFUL TOMORROWS – Aurealis Award for best illustrated work/graphic novel in 2013 – finalist
THE GAME – Aurealis Award for best illustrated work/graphic novel in 2014 – finalist
UNDAD – Australian Shadows Award for best graphic novel in 2015 – finalist
UNDAD – ACT Writing and Publishing Award for 2015 – highly commended
ALL THE KING’S MEN – ACT Writing and Publishing Award for 2016 – highly commended

Works in progress

Line in the Sand
The Winds of Change


Selected interviews and guest spots

Podcast interview with Crowdfunding Comebacks (April 2015)
“The Evolving Zombie Metaphor” at Horror Talk (May 2015)
Podcast interview with The Modern Meltdown (May 2015)
Interview with QRD (June 2015)
Interview for Comic Con-Versation (June 2016)
Podcast interview for So You Want To Be A Writer (June 2016)
Interview with Meri Amber (Sept 2016)
“Writing for kids: How to write comics” at (August 2017)
“Evolving a project – the Virtues of a Daring Adaptation” at ACJ (April 2018)
ComixLaunch podcast #156: Adapting Your Comic as a TV Pitch (July 2018)
Turtleboy Podcast #32: GAMMA.CON Live – Canberra Comic Creators (August 2018)


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