Matchsticks 2.0 writers’ room

NOTE: Applications are now closed.

I’m seeking the services of brilliant sci-fi drama TV writers to build out an award-winning pilot script into a viable limited series in a writers’ room environment. The project is called Matchsticks 2.0, and it’s a dramatic sci-fi limited series.

The existing script tells the story of a family caught in the middle of a government push to force its citizens to undergo genetic optimisation surgery.

Tonally, it’s Gattaca meets Black Mirror, and subtextually, it’s a story primarily about prejudice and privilege.

At this stage, I’m looking to hire three other writers to flesh out the remainder of the series (paying above AWG minimums for story conferencing), with the ultimate aim of pitching to market as a fully-formed writing team.

As I mentioned, I do not yet have funds in hand. If we manage to land some development funding, I’ll be running a three-day room, and participants will be paid $600 per day (slightly above the AWG minimum for story conferencing). And of course, no work will be required from you if we do not receive funding.

Applicants with writers’ room experience or production credits will be given extra consideration, but all applicants will get a fair shot.

Because this story is so strongly centred around themes of diversity, I’m committed to being the only straight white guy in the room. Sorry, other straight white guys – I’m exclusively hiring under-represented voices.

For ease of logistics, I’m primarily seeking writers in or near Australian time zones.

What I need from applicants:

Please send an introductory email to with “Matchsticks 2.0” in the subject. Tell me about yourself as a person, as well as any writing experience you’ve got.

Please also include at least one screenwriting sample that demonstrates your ability to write character-driven sci-fi/genre fiction with a social message at its heart.Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!

Deadline: October 15, 2021

More than happy to answer questions about the project, the proposed room, or myself via email.