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Shane W Smith is the creator of eight full-length graphic novels, and a number of shorter pieces. Three of his books have been shortlisted for national awards, including the zombie-family-drama Undad, which tells the tale of a vegetarian family man who unexpectedly turns undead. He has a creative writing degree from the University of Canberra, and his oddest achievement is getting a comic published in a refereed academic journal. His latest project involved editing a massive and ambitious anthology of comics and prose entitled All The King’s Men, which was published in late 2016. Shane is currently working on an epic fantasy story entitled Triumviratus, a story which features a love triangle with the world itself at stake. You can follow Shane’s writing misadventures at facebook.com/ShaneWSmith.Author/


Shane studied creative writing at the University of Canberra, and often wishes he was still there. His Honours project in Creative Research, entitled Academaesthetics: How The Essay And Comic Can Save Each Other, was published in the October 2007 edition of Text, a refereed academic journal, and is available to read for free.

Shane has been writing since before living memory. This website was created way back in 2008 as an attempt to showcase his work. At the time, Shane was working on the first draft of The Game, and posted that draft page-by-page on this site (spoiler alert: nobody read it, and he is very relieved this was the case).

The next graphic novel Shane worked on, The Lesser Evil, was accepted for publication by ZetaBella, and is available to purchase in its entirety in both print and digital formats.

Peaceful Tomorrows, the sequel to The Lesser Evil, was published in two parts in 2013, and was a finalist in the 2013 Aurealis Awards in the Best Graphic Novel/Illustrated Book category. A fully redrafted version of The Game, which takes place in between the two books, was published in mid-2014, and was shortlisted for the 2014 Aurealis Award for Best Graphic Novel/Illustrated Book.

Shane’s latest project involved editing and producing the artwork for an anthology of shorter pieces set in the same universe entitled All The King’s Men. The anthology was published in late 2016.

Shane’s other published titles include the zombie family drama Undad, which was shortlisted in the 2015 Australian Shadows Awards and the 2016 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards; and James Flamestar and the Stargazers, a post-apocalyptic-musical-adventure-romance made in collaboration with composer Tim Irving.

Works in progress include a fantasy epic entitled Triumviratus; a branching digital narrative entitled Line in the Sand; and a number of short stories which are currently seeking a loving forever home.


While in his third year of university, Shane met Katie Walsh, and his life was turned upside down forever. They got engaged on Christmas Eve 2007, and married on August 31, 2008. They bought their first house that October.

They are extremely happy. So happy in fact that they decided to expand their family. Barkley the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel entered their family in December of 2008 (and sadly passed away in November of 2014). The amazing and talented Annie Walsh-Smith was born in February 2010; the happy and energetic Liam Walsh-Smith was born in June 2012; the blonde whirlwind Nella Walsh-Smith arrived on her due date in June 2014; and the tiny Molly Walsh-Smith was born in March 2016.

Becoming a dad was the best thing he ever did… even better than Undad.

About this website

Not only does this website contain links to info pages about all of Shane’s various publishing endeavours (primarily graphic novels at this stage), but also contains a blog and a shop from which you can buy all his published work, as well as a page that allows you to sign up for his monthly newsletter, Shane-Mail.


Long books

Academaesthetics (2007)
The Lesser Evil (2011/12)
Peaceful Tomorrows Volume One (2013)
Peaceful Tomorrows Volume Two (2013)
The Game (2014)
James Flamestar and the Stargazers (2014)
Undad (2015)
Undad – Volume Two (2015)
All The King’s Men (2016)

Short pieces

Custard (2006 FIRST – Vertebrae)
Parlour Tricks (2012)
Pestilence (2012) (with Gavin Thomson)
I Am Become Death (2013)
Killeroo: Gangwar (with Darren Close and Dan Gibbs) (coming 2014)
Exposure (2014)
A Moment In Time – Tango With Orangos (2015)


PEACEFUL TOMORROWS – Aurealis Award for best illustrated work/graphic novel in 2013 – finalist
THE GAME – Aurealis Award for best illustrated work/graphic novel in 2014 – finalist
UNDAD – Australian Shadows Award for best graphic novel in 2015 – finalist
UNDAD – ACT Writing and Publishing Award for 2015 – finalist

The Lesser Evil comes with Imperial endorsement.

The Lesser Evil comes with Imperial endorsement.

Works in progress

Line in the Sand


Selected interviews and guest spots

Podcast interview with Crowdfunding Comebacks (April 2015)
“The Evolving Zombie Metaphor” at Horror Talk (May 2015)
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Interview with QRD (June 2015)
Interview for Comic Con-Versation (June 2016)
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Podcast interview for So You Want To Be A Writer (June 2016)
Interview with Meri Amber (Sept 2016)


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