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Shane was born Shane Smith in 1985. Then for quite a long time, nothing much happened. Then he got used to writing about himself in third person for bios like this.


Shane studied creative writing at the University of Canberra, and often wishes he was still there. His Honours project in Creative Research, entitled Academaesthetics: How The Essay And Comic Can Save Each Other, was published in the October 2007 edition of Text, a refereed academic journal, and is available to read for free.

Shane has been writing for most of his life. This website was created as an attempt to showcase his work, starting with the graphic novel The Game, which took four years to complete, and is at this stage unpublished.

His next graphic novel, The Lesser Evil, was accepted for publication by ZetaBella, and is available to purchase in its entirety in print format.

Current projects include a number of sequels to The Lesser Evil, entitled Peaceful Tomorrows, a redrafting of The Game, and an anthology of shorter pieces entitled All The King's Men, which contains (among others) Thinking Bigger, The Long Road Home, and The Winds of Change. But Shane is far from a one-trick pony (he hopes), and has recently completed a first prose draft of a fantasy epic entitled Triumviratus.

His life goal has always been to be a writer. Some of his earliest and most precious memories involve creating a book with his dad when he was three. Expect to see updates to the creative endeavours mentioned elsewhere on this website, and general ideas regarding the creative process.


While in his third year of university, Shane met Katie Walsh, and his life was turned upside down forever. They got engaged on Christmas Eve, 2007 and married on August 31, 2008. They bought their first house that October.

They are extremely happy. So happy in fact that they have decided to expand their family. Barkley the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel entered their family in December of 2008, and a baby girl appeared in Katie's belly in May of 2009. The amazing and talented Annie Walsh-Smith was born on February 13, 2010, and the happy and burbly Liam Walsh-Smith was born on June 19, 2012. Expect news of the birth of baby #3 in mid-2014.

Becoming a parent was the best thing he ever did... even better than The Lesser Evil.

About this website

Not only does this website contain links to info pages about all of Shane's various publishing endeavours (primarily graphic novels at this stage), but also contains a blog and a page collating quotes from reviews of his work.

Custard (2006 FIRST - Vertebrae)
Academaesthetics (2007)
The Lesser Evil (2011/12)
Parlour Tricks (2012)
Pestilence (2012) (with Gavin Thomson)
Peaceful Tomorrows (2013)
James Flamestar and the Stargazers (self-published 2013)
Killeroo: Gangwar (with Darren Close and Dan Gibbs) (coming 2014)

Works in progress
Not Just Annie's Story
The Game
All The King's Men:
* The Long Road Home
* The Winds of Change
The Tube
Lie Hard (with Tom Wells and Dave Ellis)
D'oh it for the Kids

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